Noureddine Azhar

Naarm (Melbourne)

Product, Digital & Brand design


This is a collection of some of my favourite random bits and pieces from the last 15 years. Fun, quirky, dead, live and everything in between.

Archive - Hummed App Archive - Hummed brand Archive - Villa Des Arts website Archive - Chosen Wines imagery Archive - Chose Wines website Archive - Chosen Wines brand Archive - ABSMS Coming to Australia posters Archive - Totti 25 poster
Archive - Amna brand Archive - Amna Website
Archive - Kid VS Monster font Archive - Danny's Thai Bistro business cards Archive - Danny's Thai Bistro website Archive - Football illustrations Archive - Dr Sharif OBGYN website Archive - Dr Sharif OBGYN business cards
Archive - Who Moved Club brand Archive - Who Moved Club website
Archive - Medixus poster