Noureddine Azhar

Naarm (Melbourne)

Product, Digital & Brand design

Branding bits & pieces from the last 15 years.

One of my favourite things to work on is branding. Don’t get me wrong, working on a project end to end is great but there’s something about getting to focus on the visual storytelling of a brand. This collection of logos includes some of my favourite designs from the last 15 years. Not all of them ended up as the final design, some of them were just full on rejected but all of them were particular pieces of work that I felt proud of.

Brand - Island Black
Brand - Simple Online Pharmacy
Brand - Hummed
Brand - Safechat
Brand - Priz
Brand - Lost Youth
Brand - rmn
Brand - Simple Online Healthcare
Brand - Not So Good Studio
Brand - XY Delivery Solutions
Brand - WaveWave
Brand - Chosen Wines
Brand - Spoken 3
Brand - Who Moved Club
Brand - Cous Cous Bang Bang
Brand - Yemoraqi
Brand - Five Media
Brand - Newtown Fish Market
Brand - Lost Youth Alt
Brand - Goran
Brand - Spooky
Brand - Holding Comma
Brand - S
Brand - Villa Des Arts